The Witches Foundation

Witches Foundation, Lebanon, Missouri


Living near Lebanon, Missouri since 1985,  I have heard almost every version of the legends of “The Foundation of Death " or the "The witches foundation" as the locals call it. The Witches Foundation is an old house place and cemetery located outside of Lebanon, near what was once called the “Old Wire Road” during the Civil War; due to the telegraph lines that once ran down it.  Originally there was an old house situated in the middle of the small graveyard, but many years ago it burnt down. After the fire, the new owners discovered five graves in the formation of a pentagram within the confines of the foundation, hence the name “Witches Foundation.”  Just outside of the foundation are many other graves which oddly face every direction except for the traditional Christian practice of facing the graves towards the east. The city has no history of the cemetery except for it being listed as a family plot. Other than that, it is unknown who founded the graveyard and why the graves face every direction possible, and even stranger why the five graves are situated inside of the old foundation. Local legend has it that the graveyard is a burial site for witches who once lived on the outskirts of town. Although this is just local speculation and not based on any facts; I have to chalk it up to being a rural legend. Over the years the foundation has been a popular party spot for local teenagers and as a result of this many of the graves have been vandalized and even stolen.

Along with the speculation of this being a burial site for witches, many stories of paranormal activity have been reported over the years. I have heard numerous tales of paranormal activity, but they mostly consist of high school kids going there drinking beer and playing with Ouija boards. Some others claim that when you go to leave your vehicle won’t start and once you finally get it started a glowing ball of light will chase you down the road for a mile or so. Others tell of a strange fog like mist that only appears inside the graveyard and a cloaked black figure is also often sighted. I’m not sure how many of these tales are true as I have never experienced anything out of the ordinary there myself.  If you decide to venture to the old foundation without permission, remember, the police have started regularly patrolling  it and the owners do have the right to shoot trespassers, so explore with extreme caution with respect for both the living and the dead.


From the book "Haunted Graveyards of the Ozarks" by David E. Harkins.